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Piesakies Nordea Rīgas maratonam

21/10/2008 iekš sacensības

rigas-maratons.jpgŠodien sākusies pieteikšanās Nordea Rīgas maratonam, kas notiks 2009. gada 17. maijā. Šajā pasākumā būs klasiskā maratona distances skriešana, pusmaratona un minimaratona sacensības. Interesanti, ka pirmo reizi notiks maratona stafete, kur četru dalībnieku komanda kopīgiem spēkiem veiks maratona distanci, katrs dalībnieks savus drusku vairāk kā desmit kilometrus. Vairāki VSK Noskrien biedri noteikti šo maratonu skries un dažiem tas iespējams būs pirmais mūžā. Lasīt tālāk »


19/05/2008 iekš maratons, skriešana


It has happened. I’ve competed in the first race of my young marathon career. Of course, compared to all those thousands, my achievement is ridiculous, but that does not diminish my pride and that of my father-in-law. I completed the mini-marathon. I didn’t fulfil my pre-set plan, but I couldn’t have foreseen the circumstances and it was probably a miscalculation and not my own laziness. I completed each kilometre of the course half a minute faster than in training and my wristwatch showed 5.6km completed. The time was accordingly appropriate – 26:20

The event itself was a folk event all the way through, as walking to the venue I saw three uncles get out of the car in their tracksuits, light up a cigarette, have a pint and go for a run, along with all the sperm whales, worms, Vikings, girls with crowns and piggies. Very unifying and full of energy – definitely better to take part in such events and not go to nightclubs. I have no doubt that among the participants there were some who came from the nightlife and covered the distance faster than me.

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At the start of the course everyone was being run around, twisting and turning on the grass, kicking and changing speed because of the rush, but the orchestra with its next pie out gave the necessary incentive to run further and faster. The little children, the football-bearers, running past made it clear that we should do what Lenin once said – train, train and train again. Age does not come alone. The tiny one in football socks runs faster than me with the latest Nike outfit, special shoes, high-tech watch and vegetarian eating.

The second half was tough and I could only start the finishing spurt in the very end corridor and take photos, but I’m proud of myself for entering, participating and running faster than my training partner. Now I have this feeling inside that I should not only wait for September and the half marathon, but try even shorter distances in race mode much sooner – it adds the necessary sharpness, feeling and satisfaction. Run, run and run again.


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